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Shenzhen Igrow Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
제품 소개지도된 가득 차있는 스펙트럼은 빛을 성장합니다

이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다

공정한 합격품, 용인된 매우 빠르고 안에 일하는 명령..... 감사 이그로우비오와 헨리

—— 에릭 피터슨

복제품, 기동 장치들과 실내 화분용 화초를 위한 합격품 LED.

—— 토마스 J.. 크로스

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전체적 큰 값과 품질. 저 소비 전력 / 암페어수 끌기.

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제가 지금 온라인 채팅 해요

이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다

ETL AC100V Quantum Board Led Grow Lights
ETL AC100V Quantum Board Led Grow Lights ETL AC100V Quantum Board Led Grow Lights ETL AC100V Quantum Board Led Grow Lights ETL AC100V Quantum Board Led Grow Lights ETL AC100V Quantum Board Led Grow Lights ETL AC100V Quantum Board Led Grow Lights

큰 이미지 :  이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다

제품 상세 정보:

원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: igrowbio
모델 번호: 이그로우는 거닙니다

결제 및 배송 조건:

최소 주문 수량: 1 PC
가격: USD 59
포장 세부 사항: 340mm*280mm*80mm
배달 시간: 5-8 작업 일수
지불 조건: 전신환
공급 능력: 100 pcs/ 주
상세 제품 설명
입력 전압 (V): AC100V-277V 품목 유형: 패널등, 빛을 성장시킵니다
작동 일생 (시간): 50000 조명 공급원: 이끌립니다
램프 빛난 효율성 (lm/w): 150 CRI (Ra>): 80
IP 등급: IP67 램프 빛난 유출 (lm): 4000
작동 온도 (℃): -20 - 50 LED 광원: 에피스타, 삼성
램프 힘 (w): 100w 색온도 (CCT): 전체 스펙트럼, 온백색, 쿨 화이트
애플리케이션: 야채 꽃 과일 온실 성장성 빛, 식물 야채 성장 전성기 상품 이름: 주도하는 식물은 빛을 성장시킵니다
색깔 방출: 매우 spectrum,360nm ~ 750nm 보증: 5 년
LED 양: 288 스펙트럼: 가득 찬 spectrum,450-470Blue/620-660Red,380nm-730nm
하이 라이트:

AC100V 특정량 이사회 주도하 빛을 성장시킵니다


ETL 특정량 이사회 주도하 빛을 성장시킵니다


이끌린 ETL이 빛을 성장시킵니다

Dimming Full Spectrum(UV,310nm,365nm, 380nm,395nm) 100W Quantum Board Led Grow Lights


Products Quick Details

  1. Minimalist & Fashionable Design ,Internal bonding pad .No raised electric wire cover
    2.Separate hanger to avoid scratching the aluminum
    3.288PCS LED chips .more than other suppliers
    4.Famous Brand Driver(Mean Well driver ),much more Security than other non-brand driver
    5.3 layer electroplate, No fade ,better rust-proof performance
    6.Whole layer of the PCB is covered with Leds ,no frame and lighting shadow with Larger light-emitting area
    7. SAMSUNG LEDs ,30% higher efficacy
    8. IP67 ,Passed water immersed testing ,higher waterproof lever than IP65


이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다 0


이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다 1이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다 2이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다 3


Model iGrow Pad
Power 100W
Bar LED quantuam board
LEDs Samsung LM281+Epistar 660nm
Drivers Mean Well
Mounting Height ≥ 6'' (15.2cm) above canopy
LED Lifespan ≥54,000 hours
Waterproof IP67
Spectrum Mix 4000K+660nm Full spectrum
Dimensions 240x300x48mm
Weight 1.8kgs


Advantages :

- Customized spectrum.

- To provide quality planting lighting solutions

- Smart Dimming

- UV ,Far Red and IR (optional ).

- Commercial / Hydroponics type optional.

- Designed by Samsung Horticultureal LEDs.

- Fast delivery.

이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다 4이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다 5




이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다 6이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다 7


The Advantage of LEDs

Recent technological advancements within the LED lighting industry have begun to produce real world results for the horticultural and agricultural industries, allowing for greater production with lower power consumption, cooler operating temperatures and higher nutritional yields. As manufacturing costs for high end horticultural LED fixtures start to drop, these advanced technologies have started come within grasp of the consumer market and we are proud to offer our intelligently designed lighting fixtures for all of your growing needs.


1.LED Chip

Select the highest quality LED chips from trusted manufacturers such as OSRAM, PHLLIPS and CREE rensuring superior high quality systems and long lifespan (50,000+ hours).


2.Energy Saving

Grow greener, with 40%  60% lower energy consumption per light produced, in addition to eliminating costly air conditioning bills used to cool traditional power hungry HID lighting.



Featuring our proprietary full horticultural spectrum utilizing both ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths that fall outside the range of human vision. While producing light that is invisible to the naked eye, these critical UV & IR diodes, along with the rest of our proprietary spectrum, assist in providing your plants with every wavelength needed for robust and complete growth throughout all stages of your gardens life cycle.


4.Optical Lens

Built with secondary lensing optics for dual 90o120o broadcasting, resulting in higher penetration and more uniform PAR wavelength distribution throughout all levels of foliage canopy and a higher PPFD being absorbed by your plants.


PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation, which translates into the specific light wavelengths that a plant can absorb and utilize as energy. Our horticultural LED fixtures produce enormous amounts of PAR, allowing for faster growth, greater nutrient uptake, larger fruits and flowers.


5.Earth Friendly

LED lighting does not contain the dangerous elements found within traditional HID bulb like extremely toxic mercury or highly flammable sodium (sodium releases hydrogen when in contact with water).


6.Driving Current

Our high output, stabilized 700ma current drivers balance the perfect blend of intensity, durability, energy efficiency and low operating temperature for for high output and long life. All of our products utilize advanced isolated power drivers of UL standard output voltage.

7.Heat Dissipation

Generously oversized 20mm thick high quality aluminum heatsink with proprietary fin extrusion concept designed to remove more heat from the backside of the LED chip, prolonging life and increasing output potential for higher yields.



Intelligent Detection System is built into every light we sell. Each pair of LED arrays is monitored separately, from the power driver all the way to the diodes, because some of our LED chips broadcast lightwaves invisible to the human eye (they always look off). The Intelligent Detection System uses different codes in order to warn you if any of the LEDS become defective, or if the current driver experiences any malfunctions.



Not only do our LED lighting fixtures come with standard horizontal hanging fittings, our products also feature the only optional side hanging hardware attachment fittings for use as supplemental side lighting to boost intra canopy growth, another industry first.



Todays newest generation of high powered LED grow lights are scientifically proven to be highly damaging to the human ocular system because of the high concentrations of ultraviolet and blue spectrum wavelengths. Keeping our customers health and safety in mind not only have we included a free pair Wavelength~LED glasses, horticultural LED grade protective eyewear, but also a personalized lifetime 50% discount code for all future purchases of Wavelength~LED protective glasses for all registered product owners.



이끌린 ETL AC100V 특정량 이사회는 빛을 성장시킵니다 8




1. Q: When can I get the price?

A: We usually quote within 24 hours after got your inquiry. If you are urgent to get the prices,

please call us or tell us your email, we will give priority to your inquiry .


2.Q:Why choose your factory?

We in led pool lighting over 13years, We have own professional R&D and production and sales team.

we are the only one China supplier who is listed in UL certificate in Led Swimming pool light industry.


3. Q:Do you accept the OEM&ODM?

Yes,OEM or ODM service are available.


4. Q: What is the MOQ?

A: NO MOQ ,the more you order ,the cheaper price you will get


5.Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?

A: Yes, we offer 2 years warranty to our products.


6.Q:how can i get my package?

After we send the products,12-24hours we will send tracking number to you ,then you can track

your products on your local express website.



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Shenzhen Igrow Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

담당자: Mr. Fang

전화 번호: 86-755-23006670

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